Technology simplifies reality into binary and overlooks a wide range of nuances. It can be efficient, but not animate; sleek, but not exciting. Our aim is to emphasise precisely the opposite of this perception.

This collection decodes digital drift into the emotions and feelings of those who struggle daily to understand and adapt to today’s fast-paced technological society.

Our aim is to add a twist to digitally-inspired patterns and shapes and give them new meaning by combining them with vivid colours, so that you really feel something – to avoid indifference and trigger profound emotions.

Green, blue, red, yellow – an intense but light-hearted vision of our digital world.
100% solution dyed acrylic
140 cm
Roll Length
50 m
5 years
After Care
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BLISS Swatch Card Bits Collection

Note: Please note viewing experience of this product may vary depending on the computer screen of the user. Colours and patterns are subjective to slight changes; products shown here may not be an exact representation of the colours and patterns viewed. Silk Weave sincerely requests and recommends all its customers to first purchase a sample from your nearest dealer of the desired products prior to your full purchase.


Availible Colours