Amara / Athena

Amara / Athena

Composition:   100% POLYESTER
Width:   140 cms
Abrasion Cycles:   25,000
Weight:   539 grms

Our sophisticated range of Blackout Fabrics do exactly what their name suggests – and do it in style.

We have developed a wide selection of weaves and colours with a 3 Pass coating system that promise total light exclusion and a pleasingly soft handle. All our blackouts double as coloured linings or unlined stand alone curtains.

Blackout curtains also provide the maximum amount of privacy, considerable noise reduction, and significant energy savings. This light blocking level is recommended for kids' bedrooms, living rooms, dens, playrooms, or any room where you may want the appearance of darkness, while still having enough light to navigate throughout the room. Blackout curtains are also the perfect choice on windows that tend to radiate heat, as they provide optimal thermal protection without creating a pitch black environment.

This collection is a lightly textured, smooth fabric with soft acrylic foam backing available in more than 30 shades.